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Most of Rwanda’s poorest families live in rural areas and depend on land to survive, but don’t have rights to the land they farm.

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Human Rights First Rwanda Association has partnered with several organizations

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Our Vision

Human Rights First Rwanda Association envisages a just and equitable society.


Human Rights first Rwanda Association

was started by a group of visionary human rights lawyers and University professors who saw the need to contribute meaningful to the Rwanda torn society after the Genocide to promote and protect the Human Rights of poor and Vulnerable groups more especially those of women, children and marginalized groups .......

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Since its inception in 2005

it has carried out a number of activities thus including organizing a workshop on the need of a legal aid forum in Rwanda in partnership with the Leading women’s rights activist group Haguruka, Danish Institute of Human Rights and other Civil society organizations..

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Archive Facts

Human Rights First Rwanda Association

is registered in accordance with laws governing non-profit making organizations in Rwanda under law no 20/2000 of 26/7/2000, MINISTERIAL ORDER No 91/11/ of 15th June 2009. It is non partisan association and has an open membership Its main objectives are...